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New Business Adventures of a New Year

We all have had a point of carrying an intention to start something new in a new year. That symbolic threshold of time to begin something new. The holiday break offers a great time off for you to have perspective around your intended desires and lifestyle choices, as well as how you are positioned to launch towards your dreams

While naturally the physical startup of a company may be left til a particular season to maximise on exposure, or minimise overheads from waiting til closer to a busy season, you can always take that first step forward by registering your business. That feeling of taking a step, and also having something out of the way and organised will be nice for when you plunge into having a wide variety of considerations.

When we meet you for our hour free consultation we will also be prepared to get the business registry under way very quickly, though there are a few key questions worth considering in advance for this specific element. It also may give you a bit of time to set up the website and have the wonderful SEOs going in preparation for actual launch to appear on google, as if you will have an online presence you will either be aware of or quickly learn in time. But that is not our expertise, just a related consideration and side note from anecdotal experiences.

If you have a dream, are you ready to chase it? We are here and prepared to help with that all important first step of registering your business. As such we have some relaxed considerations for Christmas for you.

Four Simple Tips for a Smooth Business Registry

There are a lot of potentially difficult or uncertain things going into a business, though there are some very simple ones as well that you can think about before our consultation. While naturally elements such as business structure can be defining in the long term for your business, these are better discussed with us in a meeting. So for now for you to get the ball rolling we have four simple things to thing about that will help have a smooth and quick setup with us for your company registry or alike.

Firstly who will be the owners / shareholders if it is a company. This is a broadly simple question though you may have varied investment of funding and time into the company. It is always best to have clear expectations of your partners early on, so if someone may be manning the office every day you may know they will be paid a wage or working for free early on, or maybe they may have an arrangement for a different holding of varied share types. We can discuss the different forms of shares in detail if having equal ownership but different incentive holdings of shares classes for reward may interest you, due to differing contributions to the business.

Secondly for a company who will be the secretary. As a broad way to think about what the role is, they are the note taker, so ask yourselves, who among those involved in this new business is the most organised? This will likely make for the best secretary on the forms.

Thirdly, who is the most likely person to be contacting the accountant? This may make for the best office holder, as this role is responsibly primarily for reporting and annual statements to ASIC, which will include your accounting and taxation responsibilities. So ideally this is someone who knows the business well, is trusted, and is good at and happy to communicate with us around taxation matters.

And finally in preparation for starting a business smoothly it is important yet very tough to pick your name. The registry name must be unique, and you can check via ASIC if the name is available. You can have a different trading name to your business registry. The business registry name is the important one to have at this point as trading names can be changed for a small fee.

Maybe you are planning on setting up a restaurant in Pullenvale, or a law firm in Mount Crosby. Where ever you are going to be working from, and whatever business you plan to run we can be of assistance. So if you are planning a start-up business, why not call us and start things moving along. Registering your business can be a new years resolution you book in with us to do and actually follow through with, wouldn't that be a great feeling to start the year on?

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