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Meet our Accountants

The Best Accuntant Near Me

Cecilia Chen

Director & Principal Accountant


Cecilia has an ESFJ personality. Now to quote what the Briggs Myers personality test says about ESFJs and suitable employment industries I will leave you with this to see why we think it is ironic and relevant to know 


"Their practical skills combine well with their dependability, making ESFJ personalities surprisingly good accountants – though they often prefer to be personal accountants, helping people and interacting with them directly, instead of corporate accountants crunching numbers in some back room."

Professional interests

I enjoy working with more complex accounting services that have constant learning. Although it varies most consistently I like start-up businesses as you get to share in their vision and have a significant impact on ensuring they have the best chances possible in achieving it. Particularly I enjoy learning about the people I am working with and their every day lives which makes working on their tax a better experience and meaningful.

Community Interests

I wish to be an active part of my community and give back to it. Ethically it feels right, economically supporting local makes sense to me and you get a good feeling when you see someone benefit from your actions. It would be difficult to narrow down though I generally like to be involved in causes around animal welfare and hope all the small efforts like donating blood as well as larger can grow in number as time passes. One day I would like to assist my partner in setting up his charity vision.

Local interests

I like to explore nature and meet new people. As such I enjoy walking my two dogs around the local parks with two in particular; the Rafting Ground Reserve near Brookfield & Pullenvale as well as Akuna St Park in Kenmore. 

Lucca (the Chihuahua) is also an advocate of visiting the local parks as well.


I enjoy ballroom and Latin dance and have taken up tennis lessons recently. I play piano and generally love music as most people do. During my travels I have acquired a love of horse riding through adventurous landscapes, paragliding, kayaking and other activities. Adding to other factors my travel gained hobbies ensure I always pack a pair of comfortable shoes when travelling. 

On our work netball team, I play a utility role filling in various positions though usually found in GS, Centre or GK.

Professional Qualifications and Memberships

  • Masters of Professional Accounting

  • Member of the Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand

  • Member of The Australian Taxation Institute

  • Registered Tax Agent

  • Member of the National Tax & Accountants' Association

  • Chartered Tax Advisor  

  • Certified Xero Advisor

  • Diploma of Financial Planning

Accountant from Upper Brookfield - Caitlin McDonald

Caitlin McDonald



Caitlin has an ESTJ personality. I think we all like to have our accounts neatly in order which matches perfectly with how Caitlin works, and the description of her personality:


"People with the ESTJ personality type create order, follow the rules, and work to ensure that their work and the work of those around them is completed to the highest standards."

Healthcare & NFP Accounting Lover

Cassandra Kang 



Cass is an INFP-T personality. Cass really cares about the people she deals with, and to quote what the Briggs Myers personality test says about her INFP-T personality: 

"Mediators (INFP) long for deep, soulful relationships, and they feel called to help others.

People with this personality type are generous and they wish to contribute to a world where every voice is heard and no one’s needs go unmet. They are often open minded, creative and passionate, with a result being they can see things from unconventional perspectives"

Professional interests

Caitlin enjoys making the numbers add up and putting it all in order. Just as the final peice of the puzzle going in place gives many satisfaction efficiently finishing an account seems to put a smile on Caitlins' face.

Community & Local Interests

Having grown up locally in Upper Brookfield riding motorbikes and horses around the hobby farm, Caitlin appreciates the local area and community.


Caitlin loves to take the foster dogs to Booker Place Park with her children in her free time while being her local P&C secretary and school banking coordinator. Her down to earth nature is friendly and confident to engage with.


Relaxing exploration and adventure is at the core of Caitlins' hobbies. Going wild at water parks with the children, or bush-walking while camping pair with rowing, horse riding and rock-climbing as her interests. 

That being said adventure can always be found reading a book or watching Netflix on the couch some days. 

For our work netball team Caitlin's grit and hard work shows out playing GD/GK as our stalwart defender.

Professional Qualifications and Memberships

  • Bachelor in Commerce with a Major Accounting 

  • Awarded a faculty medal for outstanding achievement - GPA 6.87

  • Certified Xero Advisor

  • Kaplan Professional Diploma of Financial Services

Professional interests

Having grown up surrounded beside siblings in healthcare professions, Cassandra has developed a healthy interest in NDIS and healthcare services.


Cassandra further takes her cuddly love of animals and their wellbeing to the next level with active volunteering in animal welfare organisations. The combination of these has additionally spawned interest in not-for-profits as Cassandra genuinely cares about improving quality of life.

Community & Local Interests

Cassandra feels at home amongst the nature/natural environment & wildlife the area espouses. Add on animals and a raft of healthcare professionals working in the area, and you have a great match. She has done a raft of volunteer work around animals, people and food.


Cassandra is obsessed with animals, and looks to stop and interact when she sees them. She even enjoys taking care of her friends and family members' pets. Making for a bit of trend Cassandra enjoys baking and hiking. Maybe with all this baking hiking loving accountants we may need to have a team day focused there.


Cass is a utility player in our work netball team, though tends to hover between Centre, WD and the GD/GK positions.  

Professional Qualifications and Memberships

  • Bachelor in Business majored in finance

  • Master of Commerce majoring in Professional accounting

  • Certified Xero Advisor


 Emaan Presswala



Emaan is an ENFJ personality. Now to quote what the Briggs Myers personality test says about ENFJ and suitable employment industries I will leave you with this to see why we think it is ironic and relevant to know 

"Many people with this personality type gravitate toward careers with an altruistic bent focus in meaningful work.

People with this personality type can be counted on to see their promises and responsibilities through"

Professional interests

Emaan is people orientated and likes to get the best outcomes for clients. She tends to find meaning in helping people, and potentially businesses find their way forward through what can be to others the 'pain' of accounting. 

Emaan is an inquisitive learner, which is part of how she continuously achieves the best results in her studies and translates that into her professional skills and development.

Community & Local Interests

Emaan likes spotting kangaroos in the area during night walks. Emaan loves hiking and walking through all of the natural beauty she can find, and locally especially loves walking to the park beside the Moggill Ferry. She actually wants to learn to play bridge sometimes soon to go down the local club.


Our wonderful grandma Emaan paints murals whilst loving her motorcycles and gardening. Emaan particularly enjoys getting lost in new places, or even in familiar ones before finding time for a massage or yoga. Emaan is always seeking the best chocolate croissant.

In our work netball team Emaan tends to be found in GS or WD.

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