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Chapel Hill

Community Presence
The Great Bean Counters have a local presence from which to provide Chapel Hill with accounting services.
To be the best accountant in Chapel Hill we endeavour to provide not only accurate high quality, affordable and friendly accounting services, but also involve ourselves in the wider community. We welcome reciprocal business with local businesses and greatly anticipate opportunities to demonstrate that we are safe hands for anything taxation and accounting related.  
Appointments can be arranged outside of business hours, including weekends. 
Because we are an accounting firm based in near Chapel Hill we are able to be flexible to provide call outs to your premises if you may find it difficult to find time to escape home or work spaces.

Median Household Weekly income


Median monthly mortgage repayments


Registered Businesses for Chapel Hill


Non for profits

Community Profile

Business Snapshot

    Non-employing          598

    1–4 employees          293

    5–19 employees         43    

    20–199 employees      18 


    200+ employees         0


    Total                         940


Business Turnover

The Business turnover for 

Chapel Hill generally is smaller 

than the national and state

average. However Chapel Hill

does have a slightly

higher business turnover

percentage in the upper ends

than other local suburbs such

as Kenmore.

Education  and Employment

Chapel Hill has well above the average state education level which likely is reflected in the employment sectors. 49.3% of the population aged 15 and over have a bachelors degree or higher, which means more than half of the population who has reached the lowest possible age to complete a degree in traditional schooling has a degree (7% of the population is 15-19 and would not traditionally be able to have attained a bachelors degree or above).

Much alike the surrounding suburbs Chapel Hill has a significant employment percentage (6.3%) in higher education, which is roughly 5% higher than the national average and the exact same level as Kenmore. Just as nearby suburbs such as Brookfield and Pullenvale extending to Moggill and surrounds the suburb also has a high amount of employment in healthcare, which is its second highest employment area for chapel hill behind higher education (4.3%). The third and forth largest employers are capped off in the suburb by Computer System Design and Related Services and Engineering Design and Engineering Consulting Services.

Computer System Design and Related Services constitutes of 3.6% of employment compared to the state average of 1.1%. This has similarity to the employment sectors of Kenmore Hills, Brookfield and Pullenvale not far away.

Engineering Design and Engineering Consulting Services constitute 3.2 compared to a state average of 0.9%, once more drawing similarity to Kenmore Hills, Brookfield and Pullenvale.

The suburb of Chapel Hill has nearly 20% more (at 42.8%) of its workers employed as professionals than the state (19.8%) and national averages (22.2%). 


The average age in Chapel Hill is 41, suggesting many are in a near range to consider retirement. Pairing with the higher disposable income in many cases having self managed superannuation funds will be a valid option to explore for many residents. In fact the suburb has 8.0% of the population aged 40-44 years which is 1.1% higher than the state average.


Chapel Hill has a majority female demographic at 50.7% female. The suburb household composition has 0.9 children on average per household, suggesting there is a reasonably large amount of people free of some high costing child related expenses.  

Unoccupied private dwellings


Chapel Hill has a 93.9% occupancy of houses, which is 5.9% higher than the state average and 6.9% more than the national average. 42.1% of houses are owned outright in Chapel Hill, over 10% higher than the state average (28.5%), in spite of higher than average housing costs. 


Chapel Hill is arguably a generous suburb that has 10% more of the population volunteering than the state average and nearly double the nationally average. A total of 27.3% of the population engage in volunteer activities annually. 

Accounting for Business Turnover in Chapel Hill
Accounting for Business Employment in Chapel Hill
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Solicitor & Barrister Accountant Chapel Hill
Medical Specialist Accountant Chapel Hill
Computer System Design Accountant Chapel Hill
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