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Our Values


We value talent and nature higher than other firms, and are willing to invest in developing your skills while building experience.

We could list a range of more generic aspects that obviously we will value though we feel it is more important to highlight what is a little different for us. Aspects that our firm values in our staff include:

Loyalty: Loyalty holds value for both the firm, the clients and employees. We are a growing firm which is not too large for someone to get lost in a rat race, providing opportunity for staff to gain experience around accounting under watchful supervision. As a firm obviously we wish to have a return on our investment in you, though have confidence that our relaxed workplace will feel a comfortable place for our staff to remain. Naturally our clients too gain from us having loyal staff as they develop relations and a progressive understanding that time offers. Loyalty often reflects many other aspects of a person, which we hope is also tied in with high ethical standards which we hold. How do you demonstrate loyalty? Fear not we will ask questions to probe at linked elements in an interview. 

Intelligence: When we suggest we value intelligence we are suggesting this in contrast with experience and knowledge as a more popular means of recruitment. We think that taking on the best potential talent will benefit us more in the long run and that those who show potential will learn and work more efficiently in the future than someone who may only work faster for the initial period. Everyone has to adjust in a new working environment, so we may as well seek out those who are more likely to work more efficiently in the future and more importantly value add for clients. 

Social Skills and Communication: Having  the ability to to interpret a client accurately from their colloquial terms is valuable itself, and being able to hold a genuine and interested conversation is even better. Having a diverse range of personal interests and interest in clients allows a better recollection of their case as well as improved understanding of their business an needs. Maybe you surf and the client owns a surf shop connecting a sense of identity with them and potential to better interact. Better yet we hope your interests and extracurricular or pleasant communication skills provide a more enjoyable experience for those seeking quality accounting services. 

Community Involved: Someone who is happy to be a part of our contribution towards assisting those in disadvantaged positions. Being a part of a community is not only a value that assists in creating a market, but is more importantly something we personally value. Our aims wish to allow people to seek out and progress towards their community objectives and goals.

Our staff will be able to progress their careers with the firm organically due to the growth in demand of our quality focused services. We intend to be prepared in advance so we always have ample time to dedicate to our existing clients.

Available position: Student Internship

For applications please email:

Please include CV and a cover letter no more than one page. 

We seek a second or third year student of an accounting degree to join our team whom is able to work one full day a week during semester. We are understanding of exam periods and are happy for time off during these with an increase in hours over the July holiday period instead. Dual degrees may be a value add depending on the pairing. 

This role is intended to progress into a full time position after graduation and intends to lay the foundations for excellent accounting services to be provided with experience. The role is paid and offers ample training investment into assuring your skills meet the high standards we seek to deliver.

The position will predominantly be using Xero software and involve extensive training in the program.

Be prepared our interview process will not be traditional and takes on innovative and unusual questions propelled in other industries, so little preparation is required and it hopefully will feel a more relaxed experience and casual chat.

Great Accountant
Talented Accountant
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