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Community Involvement

The Best Accuntant Near Me

We value our community and the positive impacts different causes can make. As such we try to involve ourselves where we can in assisting with this, and hope to extend this into the future as well.

From sponsoring local sporting teams to music competitions, or donating blood to attending charity functions we try to diversify our involvement. 

Sustainable Development 

The Great Bean Counters is a proud sponsor of B1G1. The B1G1 donation system is one targeting the sustainable development goals set forth by the United Nations. The causes that B1G1 filters funding to range and we will be updating the ones that ours has gone towards on this page in the future.

Arts and Culture

The 2018 winner of the Accounting Anthems has been awarded to Josh Hill (His Artist Page here) and Jackie aka Cheeky Velvet (Her Artist Page here). Their entry was a musical story themed one between the musical teacher and student partnership (must be a good teacher to win with her student while being a performing artist going on tours).

We had the good fortune of catching up with the two lovely winners just after Jackie returned from a tour and just before her performance at the Globe in Brisbane. Meanwhile we look forward to grabbing a bite at the Karalee Tavern where Josh regularly performs on a Thursday night. 

Into the future we hope we can expand the competition and use local causes that promote the sustainable development goals potentially as future topics for the Accounting Anthems Competition. We also hope to expand the rewards offered to reward more entries in the foundation stages of the musical industry which in turn contributes to our culture, entertainment and happiness. 

Sporting Communities


We sponsor Moggill FC who facilitate a wide range of participation in football. Encouraging the development of a supportive community via exercise and healthy activity, we believe that the grass roots sporting groups are a fantastic contributor to the well being of communities. We can all benefit from the friendships formed on the field, teamwork and willpower from working through training and pushing oneself. 

We ourselves do a wide variety of activities from tennis to ballroom and Latin dance and take pleasure in being a part of these communities as well.

Small Efforts that give you a rewarding feeling

Not everyone is eligible to donate blood, though some people depend upon the donations to be able to live. It is a small effort to make which doesn't take long. We hope you can donate blood as well.

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